One vote…the decision of a single individual, has changed the direction of our country on more than one occasion. It has moved our entire nation further into the dark or in the direction of curing inequities that evolved through decades of history. One vote has resolved complex issues such as the Presidency, decisions on war and annexation, impeachment, and racial equality.

We live in a period of economic and political unrest and we believe it to be worse than at any time in our history…but it may not be! America's two hundred plus years of existence has been one of turmoil, dissension, and war. It has been a time of alternating economic growth and stagnation. Each decade has found stalwarts and dissenters convinced that they, alone, have the best solution for the country's ills.

BY ONE VOTE tells about a dozen events resolved by the willingness of a single individual to stand apart and vote his conscience. Names such as James Bayard, Edmund Ross, and Joseph Bradley are unknown, but during their lifetimes, they altered the fabric or our nation as significantly as Americans whose names are more famous. By One Vote, tells these stories...they are all true!; the dramatizations surrounding them are the studied imagination of the author.