Carole Eglash-Kosoff lives and writes in Valley Village, California. She graduated from UCLA and spent her career teaching, writing, and traveling to more than seventy countries. An avid student of history, she researched the decades preceding and following the Civil War for nearly two years, including time in Louisiana, the setting for one of her novels, When Stars Align, in the early stages to be produced as a three-part miniseries entitled SHACKLED. This novel is about an interracial love story of Thaddeus, a colored boy, and Amy, a white girl, at a time when such a relationship could get them both killed. It is a story set against a war, reconstruction, and racism, but most of all it is a story of hope. Winds of Change, a follow up novel, follows the characters of When Stars Align into the decades that closed out one century and led us into the next, decades that saw the introduction of the automobile, the airplane, and the telephone as well as the Spanish-American War, and World War I.

In 2006, following the death of her husband, mother, and brother within a month, she spent several months teaching in the black townships of South Africa. Her first book, The Human Spirit – Apartheid's Unheralded Heroes, tells the true life stories of an amazing array of men and women who have devoted their lives during the worst years of apartheid to help the children, the elderly, and the disabled of the townships. These people cared when no one else did and their efforts continue to this day.

By One Vote is her latest work. It is twelve true stories of amazing events that shaped American history as the result of a single deciding vote

Mrs. Eglash-Kosoff often lectures to college and civic groups.